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"Rachel radiates a beauty, warmth and joy that is both captivating and aspirational. I instantly trusted her and felt safe in her presence.

I came to her with a deep desire to regain trust: within myself, with others and with spirit. Trust that had been lost through trauma and long-held distorted beliefs. This presented itself in trying to control everything, compulsive self-work and a hyper-vigilance that masqueraded as self-awareness.

Rachel was patient, kind and incredibly generous with her time and her heart. Her wisdom and attunement in the space allowed me to get to the truth of what I really wanted and how my subconscious definitions of things were not only contradictory to these wants but were creating confusion and repetitive patterns in my life.

More simply, Rachel helped me relax, like whole-brain relax and it turns out that that's what I wanted the most.

Now its just become such a fun and fascinating process I cant get enough of it. I'm very curious as to what weird and wonderful things are floating around in my subconscious and how new beliefs can completely change my experiencing of the world!

Thank you Rachel for guiding me through this journey, you are simply wonderful!"


I had always felt like there's something in my mind keeping me from really enjoying what life could or should be like.

I found Rachel after hours of researching online and I am so grateful that I did. Rachel is amazing!

I have done 3 sessions so far and it was life changing experience!!! I could feel an instant shift mentally after only one session which made me want more sessions with her.

I am absolutely intrigued by this technique which helps reprogram the subconscious mind pruning away old beliefs and installing new ones.

I would highly recommend Rachel's session if you are feeling stuck in life. Investing in creating a better self is always so worth every penny!


I approached Rachel for a session initially because I was feeling very affected by the stress and uncertainty of these current events affecting the economy. It was affecting my health, sleep, mood, concentration; everything.

Rachel started by listening very carefully and helping me articulate what I was feeling and experiencing. Her style is kind, empathetic and gentle whilst being very clear and concise in explaining and guiding me in every step of the process.

It really was quite pleasant experience that left me feeling a huge burden lifted and the BEST thing is that it lasts. That heavy feeling of doom hasn't returned. I have since been back to address other issues that I have felt are affecting my health and well-being, even events in from childhood. it's surprising  how efficient this process is.

Rachel worked with me to decide on some simple and achievable action steps to continue my progress at home. Rachel followed up and provided support with this and addressed any questions.

Sincerely I feel that anyone of any age would benefit with such a gentle and efficient modality. I have since recommended Rachel to a friend's child who has a lot of anxieties about school. My only regret is not having found out about Rachel sooner.


I was a little unsure what to expect when I was first introduced to PSYCH-K. However, Rachel very quickly made me feel at ease and made sense of what I could hope to achieve.

During the sessions Rachel showed only kindness and compassion. A trust was formed easily between us and her positive and passionate belief of PSYCH-K allowed me to rewrite some life long beliefs that have changed the way I think, for the better.

I now see myself in a different perspective - the person I always wanted to be. Thank you Rachel


I heard about Rachel from a friend who smoked cigarettes for 30 years and finally stopped smoking. It looked like I finally found a powerful healer and healing technique that can help me with my self worth issues. After three sessions I can tell you that my entire perspective related to relationships and work, has completely changed. I feel loved and appreciated by my own self and it has changed my experience everywhere I go. Rejection isn't as painful and I feel free of people pleasing. I finally started working as a teacher and wrote the entire course I'm teaching in two hours. It was a miracle. All of a sudden my days are filled with inspiration and passion. I thank Rachel very much and honestly recommend her professional guidance for any kind of emotional/professional development.


I wanted to share how working with Rachel using Psych-K changed my romantic relationship status. I felt really comfortable with Rachel and felt like I could be really honest with her. She really has a lovely calm energy that really put me at ease. She is also a lot of fun and doesn’t take herself too seriously either.

After we did the session together, within a month I had met someone really lovely and started a romantic relationship with him. The session helped me with some of my fears & also injected a bit of fun back in to dating. I really noticed the change in my internal state which helped me to attract the type of person I wanted to date. So if you are thinking of booking with her I highly support you to do it. You won’t regret it.


In general, I am a very private person so for me to feel safe and comfortable from the moment I walked into Rachel’s room was so positive. Rachel allowed me space to breath and relax and created an environment of trust, allowing me to release some deep childhood programming and blocked emotions that I had suppressed for years. Rachel guided me gently through those moments without judgement but with complete kindness and compassion.
I have seen Rachel on several occasions and have been rewarded with new inner belief, allowing me calm and strength to carry with me daily.
It is a journey……. One with less anger and fear and with Rachel as my guide, I have found that inner strength.
One step at a time my road has broadened, I have space to travel down it with confidence and love.


I came to Rachel with four severe, prolonged addictions.

I am 50 years old and for the last 20 years I have been addicted to cigarettes, coffee, sugar and white flour, consuming them from morning till night. I was convinced that I had no remedy -- that I would continue to do so for the rest of my life.

In a number of focused sessions, Rachel connected to my subconscious and, step by step, with sensitivity and a smile, we changed my story from that of addiction to liberation.

Like a miracle, I've been 90 days without smoking, without caffeine, without sweets and without bread or cake.

Without any struggle, the change is complete; as if my mind and body are finally cooperating, and together we have embarked on a new path.

I feel wonderful, and feel strong and secure in the example I'm setting for my family.

I confidently and warmly recommend Rachel to anyone who wants to make a fundamental change in their life, in any field.

I once had a little dream that I dared not tell anyone about: that I would be able to push a button, and my addictions would pass and leave me. Thanks to my sessions with Rachel, my dream came true.

Before these sessions, I would get up every morning feeling disappointed in myself for having such a heavy hand in ruining my own body. Now I wake up with a sense of wholeness and pride in myself. I love me very much.

Thank you, Rachel.


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Marianne Shine
Marianne Shine
9 October 2023
Rachel has a warm and inspiring approach. She makes one feel safe and held when sitting with the dark emotions that must work their way out of the body. She is an excellent facilitator. You will be in good hands.
Chris Pye
Chris Pye
1 October 2023
Rachel's energy put me immediately at ease. She is warm and responsive and exudes calm and confidence. A rich and positive experience and the shifts I have felt have been enormously valuable.
Margherita Tracanelli
Margherita Tracanelli
27 September 2023
What an amazing experience. If you have tried everything, hypnotherapy, meditation and all the other great things out there to rewire your brain, and you're still not satisfied with the result, or maybe don't feel like it has worked or, like me, that those other methods are too slow, I urge you to book Rachel because Psych K is like all of those things but on steroids - it's incomparable in terms of the speed that it works - and- it never wears off -the results are real and permanent. I will never look back, the issues we dealt with have totally lost their power, I can see them and cooly observe them without losing my centre. It was a total healing. Rachel is so accomplished at making you feel comfortable, so that any disclosure or any kind of stuff that emerges, she can hold that space for you. She did for me. I did mine remotely and feel like it was the most powerful thing I have ever done in terms of rewiring and getting rid of the sabotaging programs & tapes from my subconscious. Rachel is very kind, and very experienced, this process is miraculous, she knows her stuff.
tehan carey
tehan carey
27 September 2023
I have had the great pleasure of working with Rachael Ron on some very complex and challenging issues that required masterful insight and guidance. Rachael is a master with endless competence with tremendous grace. She is a person who can gently guide one through any trauma or emotion with reassuring ease. She has a wealth of experience and a sophisticated storehouse of tools from all levels of PSYCH K with which to fashion the fastest and most effective possible transformations. I have referred numerous friends to her and all were delighted by the experience and outcomes. She also makes herself generously available when extra guidance is sought or required. I feel so lucky to have her as my guide.
Rain Inaya Ali
Rain Inaya Ali
25 September 2023
Rachel was my first introduction to Psych-K and her way of working inspired me to complete the practitioner trainings. I consider Rachel not only a mentor but a friend who has been an instrumental part of my journey and practise. Rachel is kind, compassionate, insightful and has done the work herself - therefore really embodies the grounding and wisdom of someone who approaches life in whole-brained way! I cannot recommend her highly enough.

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