From day one of learning PSYCH-K® it became evident to me that this is something I want to share. - Rachel

About Me

I believe that my personal journey will resonate with a lot of women. I went from being totally in control to unexpected turmoil, proving that anyone can, at any time face a path far different from the one chosen.

My journey starts with moving 14,000 kilometres and adapting to a diverse Australian culture. And while I have always been a lover of personal-development books and courses, each of which has been fantastic and made a positive change in my life, in my mid 40's a family trauma floored me.  I found myself crying uncontrollably. The hopeless despair I felt was entirely out of character.  I tried to apply everything I've learnt throughout the years, numerous modalities searching for a solution, but none provided the shift and comfort to allow me to gain the necessary clarity until I found PSYCH-K®.

I believe that each of my previous learnings led me to find PSYCH-K®, a modality that creates quick, significant, lasting, verifiable change. I can recall the exact moment PSYCH-K® clicked for me - I gained a fantastic clarity and inner strength. This shift of energy then led to a decisive change in my life.  With this newfound zest, I knew I had to learn how to master PSYCH-K®.  I wanted this new tool to improve my life and the life of my loved ones, especially now, in this current sea of uncertainty.

From day one of learning PSYCH-K®, it became evident to me that this is something I want to share, as so many women (and men) are going through similar phases in life where it feels like one foot is on the accelerator whilst the other is on the brakes.

I would love to help women and men who may find themselves in the same situation, to experience that empowering moment.  No one's personal journey is all smooth sailing, and with the insecurity of the world right now, I understand how easy it is to become overwhelmed.

I invite you to get in touch to enhance your ability to address underlying beliefs that no longer serve you and create a foundation for the life you want.